Catholic Charities of the East Bay Vehicle Donation Program

Catholic Charities of the East Bay helps families in need rise above poverty and live self-sufficient lives. The Catholic Church is the largest provider of social services throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, and Catholic Charities is the visible face of the diocese in that work. Founded in 1935, we are devoted to providing social services and advocacy to the working poor and underserved in Alameda and Contra Costa County.

We are rooted in the belief that a strong family is the foundation of a moral vision for society. Dedicated to the pursuit of safety and justice, we are agents of change for the marginalized, regardless of their religious faith. Through our array of services, we move children, youth and families from Crisis to Stability to Prosperity.

Have an old car taking up space in your driveway? Donate it to Catholic Charities of the East Bay.

We accept all types of vehicles:

How it Works

1. Call us at 855-620-GIVE or (855)-620-4483

2. We will tow your vehicle at no cost to you!

3. Get a tax deductible receipt and help our cause.

Making a Donation is EASY!

It's as easy as filling out the online donation form or picking up a phone and speaking to a live operator.

If you have any questions just call one of our friendly operators toll-free at 855-620-GIVE or (855)-620-4483 seven days a week.

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